Ian Brady’s one of the closest friend has revealed that the Moors murderer has told him about the place where he had buried Keith Bennett.

12-year-old Keith Bennet was one of the five youngsters Brady and his accomplice Myra Hindley killed in the 1960s. However, the boys’ body was never be found.

Brandy’s friend Dr Alan Keightley has now claimed that the serial killer had revealed about the place where the young boy was buried. Dr Alan has said that Ian Brady has a twisted mind, also claiming that the serial killer had disclosed secrets that were kept from police and families of his victims, reported Mirror.

According to Keightley, the Moors murderer told him how he and Myra Hindley killed Keith Bennett and buried him 50 years ago. The boy’s mother Winnie Johnson went to her grave without knowing where her son was buried. The sadistic killer intentionally let her die without knowing about her son. John Kilbride, 12, Edward Evans, 17, Pauline Reade, 16, and Lesley Ann Downey, 12 were the other youngsters killed by Brady and Hindley in and around Greater Manchester. The murders are called Moors murder as two of the victims were found buried on Saddleworth Moor. Thus, the murderers are called Moors murderer.

Keightley said , “Keith Bennett’s body is on the north side of Manchester.”

He also disclosed that Brady has regretted his misdeed and knows that people hate him for those deeds.

Knightley said, “he was bored really. He admits that what he did was evil, he can understand people hating him.”

Knightley disclosed that he had passed on vital information to police but police could not find Bennett’s body as they never trusted him. Keightley also said that he is planning to write a book based on what the killer told him.

As reported by Mail Online, Keightley also stated that he would reveal the whole truth only after Brady’s death.

The report also stated how the Psychopath killer admires the terrorists and suicide bombers. In his latest letters, he has even expressed his desire to see Brussels and Paris-like terrorist attack in Britain.

The 78-year-old Brady is already bed ridden and his partner Myra Hindley died at the age of 60 on 15 November 2002.