Television is always a ratings game. The stars of the new Korean drama Moonlight Drawn by Clouds have given their fans a series of challenges if the ratings of the show exceed expectations. Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung have promised to go on a real-life date if they manage to draw a 30 percent viewership rating.

Soompi reports that the Moonlight Drawn by Clouds stars are already confident that the show can exceed a 20 percent rating. Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung accepted the challenge of reaching 30 percent during an interview in Entertainment Weekly on KBS 2TV.

“If your viewership rating exceeds 30 percent, how about you guys appear on a guerrilla date [together] after the drama is over?” asked the show’s host, Kim Tae Jin. Kim Yoo Jung responded by saying that it is a fun idea. They then proceeded to plan a possible date in a popular amusement park. The pair’s fans will surely be delighted to see them out on a date outside of the TV screen.

Gaining 30 percent in the ratings is not entirely impossible. After only four episodes, the show is already on track to break the 20 percent viewer rating barrier. The actors previously made a promise on the same show to hold a signing event if they reach the 20 percent mark.

“We’ll all wear hanbok,” said Park Bo Gum, referring to traditional Korean clothing. “We’ll hold a fan signing event at Gwanghwamun,” he said. Since the show premiered on Aug 22, it has already taken a viewership share of 16.4 percent. This means that the signing event might need to be arranged soon.

It remains to be seen if the show will breach the 30 percent mark. If so, fans will likely be flocking to amusement parks in an attempt to catch a glimpse of the proposed date. Moonlight Drawn by Clouds airs every Monday and Tuesday on KBS.