The plastic water bottle ban is about to happen in Montreal as the city gears up in its fight against the tasteless beverages, making it the first metropolis to ever do so.

Mayor Denis Coderre announced in February that following the ban on Montreal plastic bags, which will be implemented in 2018, their next target will be the water bottles.

The Montreal plastic water bottles ban is needed to be raised, according to the mayor, because plastic bottles are considered as a nuisance to the environment. He noted that 700 million of the plastic bottles end up every year in the landfills of Quebec and that Montreal is quite fortunate to have an excellent tap water being tested plenty of times every day.

However, as further stated by the mayor, they seem to forget that their water is of good quality, that there are companies that even directly bottle it to sell to the people.

Meanwhile, some cities have started banning plastic water bottles, like the town Bundanoon in Australia and Concord in Massachusetts. Recently, San Francisco as well as Hamburg, Germany banned the selling of plastic water bottles, yet only in the city buildings, Forum reported.

Over 1.5 million of people may be the biggest urban area to prohibit the bottle completely it the Montreal ban pushes through. That being said, the Quebec Bottled Water Association immediately opposed the proposal, saying that even carbonated and juice drinks are bottled in plastic, and not just water.

The vice president of economic affairs and innovation of the association Dimitri Fraeys suggested that instead of banning the water bottles, the city should consider recycling.

Montreal plastic water bottles ban will not go far enough, according to a left-wing Quebec Solidaire party member Manon Masse. She believes that it would be more effective if a measure addressing the disposal of all plastic bottles will be made in Canada, regardless if it contains other beverages, Global News reported.