The first ever trailer of Jodie Foster’s financial thriller movie “Money Monster” has been released and it reunites two of Hollywood A-list stars.

George Clooney and Julia Roberts, who co-starred in “Ocean Eleven” and “Ocean Twelve,” will be featured in the movie that depicts the financial systems at Wall Street.

Two-time Academy awardee Jodie Foster will direct the movie, which is centered on an angry investor who lost everything after a stock crashes and then hostaged a financial network show host on live TV, USA Today wrote.

In the trailer, the plot follows Clooney’s character Lee Gates, a Wall Street financial news anchor, who is taken hostage by Kyle Budwell (Jack O’Connell).

Kyle is holding Gates hostage after he invested in one of the anchor’s stock tips but it turned out to be a bust and he lost all his money. After putting an explosive vest on Gates, Kyle demands to find out what happened to his investment.

“This poor guy Kyle put the only amount of money he has in one stock and loses everything in nine minutes,” Foster tells Yahoo Movies.

“It’s really hard to explain to somebody what happened to their money. It takes an hour and a half of tense time to tell him what happened. It’s specifically intended that the casual stockholder does not have the benefit of the best choices, ” the director added.

According to Yahoo Movies, “Money Monster” production required several street closures for shots in and around Wall Street in New York City.

“We had a thousand extras at one point, SWAT guys, a helicopter, a G5 [jet] landing! The hardest part of the movie is the part that was shot in a room that’s about four feet by 10 feet: the control room with Julia Roberts,” Foster revealed.

The “Pretty Woman” actress played the role of Gate’s show producer, Patty Fenn.

“Money Monster” hits theaters on May 13.