WWE Raw 2016 is just a day away, and fans are in for quite a treat.

The Chairman returns to sort it out between his warring offsprings Shane and Stephanie. He gave the siblings shared responsibility for WWE Raw. However, the two became greedy and fought over SmackDown Live. Thus, Vince McMahon is left once again to sort it out between his warring offsprings.

The Miz will also be headlining WWE Raw 2016 as he finds out who will be his next no. 1 challenger for the Intercontinental Championship title. He has noticed Apollo Crews, but he may still have to wait for Crews to get a break at the Intercontinental Championship.

Meanwhile, Seth Rollins is concentrated on everything except Dean Rose. WWE Raw may find him setting up a strategy to propel his wrestling career further after finally taking care of Roman Reigns.

On the tag team side, the Wyatt family challenged the WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day to come over to their turf. They are confident they can deliver an upset win against Big E and Kofi Kingston. While Xavier Woods is wary, this match will see how the Power of Positivity will fare in the First Family of Fear’s lair.

Zack Ryder’s success made him more enemies than he likes. He embarrassed former WWE champion Sheamus twice. He first let Sheamus know who’s the man when he fought under Team U.S.A. and pinned Sheamus to his defeat on Independence day. Last week, he gave Sheamus another loss on his record on Smackdown last week.

Now he has Rusev asking him to man up. Rusev has no intentions of fighting Ryder in the ring unless Long Island Iced-Z says it to his face. Will Zack Ryder give his fans the showdown they want on Monday night?

Whether any of these happen as planned or not, one thing is for sure. These wrestlers are out for blood when WWE Raw 2016 airs. The fight night will happen in Joe Louis Arena this Monday, July 11. Ticket prices range from $23 to $123 (AU $30 – $162). Preshow will start at around 7:30PM (Tuesday, 12 July 2016, 09:30 AM NSW). Meanwhile, live broadcast starts at 8:00PM (10:00AM NSW) on USA Network.