A statement released by the Humane Research Australia exposes the gruesome experiments conducted by researchers from Alfred Hospital and Monash University on greyhounds. Apparently, the animals were all suffocated, revived after their hearts were removed and reinserted and then euthanized again, all of which have no direct clinical applications.

The report of the procedure, conducted three years ago, has shocked and angered animal rights activists. In a statement, the HRA states:

“Researchers then deliberately ceased ventilation (the provision of air allowing the


to breath) for 30 minutes in order to kill the dogs via asphyxia (suffocation), thereby causing circulatory death (the irreversible loss of function of the heart and lungs).

The hearts of the dogs were then surgically removed and preserved for 4 hours by either the static cold storage method, or the controlled reperfusion (followed by continuous cold perfusion with an oxygenated crystalloid perfusate) method.

After the 4-hour period, heart transplantation was performed and the dogs’ recovery was assessed over the following 4 hours.

All of the greyhounds were then killed.”

The HRA says that the procedure has no direct clinical applications on humans because the difference of physiology between us and dogs. The statement also adds that the same researchers conducted experiments on humans so it is difficult to comprehend why they would perform studies using the hearts of a different species.

On the other hand, the project was approved by the Animal Ethics Committee.  Still, HRA asserts that the greyhounds were subjected to needless suffering and death.

However, Monash University denies these claims. The university says that the research was critically important and the discomfort the animals felt were minimal.

The dogs were under deep anesthetic and unconscious while the researchers were working on them.  The university also adds that ethics organizations have given them the permission to conduct such experiments.