Another thrilling and drama-filled Monaco Grand Prix leaves Lewis Hamilton celebrating a win and the Red Bull Team apologizing to its Australian driver, Daniel Ricciardo, who felt he has been “screwed” twice by his team.

This is the first F1 win for Hamilton this year, who fought off Ricciardo for 45 laps after he overtook the Red Bull driver during a bungled pit stop.

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The win also put Lewis Hamilton back into contention for the driver’s title by cutting the lead of fellow Mercedes driver, Nico Rosberg, to 24 points. Rosberg managed to finish on seventh place.

Red Bull Apologizes

Meanwhile, Red Bull was forced to apologize to Daniel Ricciardo, who was left seething after a disastrous pit stop.

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Team Manager Christian Horner made the apology, putting the error down to “miscommunication” due to the peculiar design of the Monaco circuit, notably, the “tightness” of the working space in the team garages, USA Today reports.

“We, as a team, owe Daniel a huge apology today as we failed to support him. The delay at his pit stop cost him the lead and despite some excellent driving to get close to Lewis, he couldn’t get past,” Horner said.

Prior to the pit stop, Lewis Hamilton managed to cut to only two seconds from Ricciardo’s time. This is until Red Bull’s decision to fit intermediate tires to Ricciardo’s car on lap 23.

Ricciardo again stopped on the very next lap – choosing the slightly harder super-softs. However, he was delayed in the pits because Red Bull did not have his tires ready. Hamilton passed him as he came out of the pits to rejoin the race, BBC reports.

Meanwhile, Ricciardo was visibly upset with the result.

“Two races in a row I’ve been screwed. They should have been ready. It hurts,” Ricciardo said.

Two weeks ago in Spain, Ricciardo missed out of another possible win on another team mistake following a three-stop strategy. He finished fourth in that race.