A 63-year-old Tasmanian woman has been reported as the oldest in Australia to become a mom and give birth at this age.

The woman and her partner, who was 78 years old, became parents of a baby girl born through a Cesarean process on Monday. The identity of the couple has not yet been revealed. The baby was born at Melbourne’s Frances Perry House private hospital. The baby was premature. Reports have indicated that the baby and the mother are now stable and recovering well.

The couple reportedly went through IVF overseas and used a donor embryo. Prior to this, a 60-year-old gave birth to a child in 2010, according to Aussie records. Until the event, it was a Gold Coast woman, 50, who was considered as the oldest Australian woman to give birth to a child, and naturally at that.

Monash University Professor Kovacs said that the IVF clinic that helped the Tasmanian woman give birth should not provide fertility facilities for ladies above the age of 53. “That child will need looking after for 20 years and there’s a possibility she won’t be able to do that,” Prof Kovacs said. “Our bodies weren’t ­designed to have children in our 60s.

“I don’t think any ­responsible IVF unit in Australia would treat someone of that age. It’s not a standard of medicine I would condone.”

According to the Australian Health and Welfare records, one-third of women who delivered a baby in 2013 belonged to the age group between 30 and 34 years. However, as stated by Esperance Express, a case was reported in the same year where women aged 45 and above constituted only 0.2 percent of the proportion of oldest women giving birth.

According to The Coffs Coast Advocate, the oldest woman in the world to deliver a child was Adriana Iliescu. She was a 66-year-old Romanian woman who became a first-time mother at that age.