A modern vinyl processing plant will open in Melbourne this coming early 2018. This will be the first vinyl plant in Australia for 30 years.

According to mixdownmag, Program Records will open a vinyl pressing plant that is equipped with the leading technology for making the records. The company will use WarmTone machinery from the Canadian company Viryl Technologies to make these new vinyls. WarmTone’s creators claim that the machine has the world’s fastest vinyl pressing time at 30 seconds.

The Vinyl Factory reports that Program Records will initially start making 12” records that weigh 140 and 180 grams. Program Records founder Steve Lynch said that they’ll be supporting the Australian music scene with their state of the art equipment:

“Program Records will focus on supporting the local music scene backed by a data driven and highly efficient production facility. Australia has a great music scene that deserves to have affordable, good quality vinyl made here on time,” said Lynch. On the other hand, South Korea and Japan would also have new pressing plants by next year.

Even though vinyl records are considered to be an old recording storage device, many music lovers and professionals prefer this medium over digital. Vinyls has the potential to last centuries if maintained correctly. Additionally, the sound quality is way better than digital sources like mp3 files and the radio.

Other than its intended musical recording storage use, vinyl records are used as an instrument in certain forms of music. Efforts to make vinyl back to mainstream production can inspire newer artists to venture using vinyl to their advantage.

However, it might take some time as online music platforms like Spotify beats vinyls when it comes to accessibility. We’ve yet to know if this new factory will have any effect on the Australian local music scene, though Vinyl sales did well in 2016.