When Phil (Ty Burrell) took Alex (Ariel Winter) to the dorms to study, little did he know that his plan would backfire so badly. The next episode of ABC’s “Modern Family” will be looking at Alex’s situation at the dorm, according to Christian Today.

Last episode, Alex told her dad that instead of staying in the dorm rooms in college, she preferred commuting home every day to class. Alex did not fit in with her classmates, and she was feeling uncomfortable with the set up of college. This shocked Phil a little because he always thought Alex would like to study at the dorm, a quieter place to be.

In the last episode, titled “Spread Your Wings,” Phil finally visits Alex in college. He had been missing her around, plus he thought that staying disconnected for so long doesn’t help the family’s bonds.

As per Spoilers Guide, the episode also saw Phil’s duck moving in their home. This causes Claire (Julie Bowen) and the children to show signs of frustration.

Phil had found some duck eggs in one of his property searches at work. He decided to bring them home. He kept it under careful observation before they would hatch. After their birth, the ducklings were creating a ruckus at home, messing around the place as they roamed around the house. When Phil went to visit Alex, Claire sought for Haley and Luke’s help to get rid of the ducklings.

In a promo for the upcoming episode, a duck is seen looking into Claire’s room as she stands draped in a bed sheet. Looking back at the duck, she said, “You have a problem.”

“Modern Family” season 7 airs Wednesdays at 9 pm EST on ABC. You can watch the previous episodes streaming on ABC Go!