While fans await the last installment in the “Hunger Games” trilogy, here are some great news! A theme park based from the blockbuster series is reported to be opening soon.

LionsGate Entertainment chief brand officer Tim Palen confirmed the news to The New York Times  about the “Hunger Games” theme parks.

“The more we thought about it, the more we realized there was a major opportunity — not just to create something smart and captivating that ‘Hunger Games’ fans would love, but to bring all of our franchises alive in new ways,” Palen said.

According to the site, the chief executive of the studio, Jon Feltheimer, already had the idea when the first “Hunger Games” movie became a box-office hit in 2012. But because the movie involved killing sprees, his team thought he wasn’t being serious about opening that kind of a theme park.

As of now, Palen said that the theme parks would be built in China and the United States. Each theme park would offer roller coaster rides and other attractions patterned with the blockbuster trilogy. He said that fans can expect a roller coaster ride that would resemble the Capitol trains and a real life “District 12.”

Alongside “Hunger Games,” the site mentioned that the parks are also considering attractions and dance shows from movies like “Step Up,” “Divergent,” “Twilight” series, and “Now You See Me.”

As mentioned on Time, the LionsGate will not build the theme parks itself unlike Disney. Instead, it would license the site developers who will construct theme parks in areas near Macau and Atlanta.

Avatron Smart Park is the company licensed to build an entertainment destination near Atlanta. Avatron’s vice chairman James Ram told The New York Times that he has no problems with the storyline of the dystopian movies. They hope to start operations by 2019.

Ram said, “There are so many positives about these movies, starting with the fact that she’s an empowered young woman.” Can fans expect Katniss Everdeen to pay a visit at the theme park?

Before fans can get too excited on the theme park news, don’t forget that “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2” will hit the big screen on November 20!