The story of Moana is different from the typical Disney princess fairytales of yesteryears, and this is a good thing.

First came Elsa in Frozen. Her character did not have a prince yet it did not diminish her character’s worth. Moreover, it added to the movie’s success. Hence, the clamor for a sequel. Now, Moana levels up with her own story. She might have a few things in common with Elsa. However, Disney’s first Polynesian princess has lot more in store for movie fans when her movie premieres on November 23, 2016.

5 Reasons Why Moana is Cool

1. She is independent

As mentioned, the upcoming Disney animated film follows the no-love interest trend started by Elsa. Hence, it will not feature a Polynesian prince hanging around and waiting to save Moana’s day. It seems she can do it fine on her own.

2. She has a different physique

In contrast to Disney princesses who came before her, Moana has a different build. Apparently, it was a conscious effort on the part of the creative team to make her stand out from the rest. This characteristic leads to the third reason why she’s not like anything movie fans have seen before.

3. She is Disney’s first action princess

“We wanted her to be an action hero capable of action,” Buzzfeed quoted director John Musker’s revelation about the latest Disney princess last July. Hence, she is definitely one who can stand up against demigod Maui played by Dwayne Johnson.

4. She is on a quest of a different nature

The Polynesian princess is not looking for love. As the descendant of a long line of sea navigators, she uses her innate skills on a journey to find the fabled island with the help of Maui. Her determination to fulfill her quest shines through in her adventure.

5. She represents diversity

She is one of the few people of color represented in Disney films. Moreover, her story is told from her point of view.