MLB trade rumors continue for Andrew Miller. With a baseball player of his caliber, no wonder other clubs are out to get to him if possible.

Andrew Miller is currently on a four-year contract with the New York Yankees for $36 million dollars. While his contract is still in effect, the New York Yankees still have time to think about the trade. Ending in August 1, other baseball clubs still have time to pitch for Miller.

When he went free agency in 2014, the Chicago Cubs looked into signing him up but did not follow through.

Now that it’s trading time once again, MLB trade rumors Chicago Cubs have expressed a renewed interest in the exceptional reliever, Andrew Miller.

While Chicago Cubs already has seven All Star baseball players, a reliever of Miller’s caliber will do good in strengthening the team’s weaknesses. Throwing fierce left hand fastballs, Andrew Miller is in it to win it. He is a team player who has a World Series under his name and an impressive fWAR record of 5.7.

MLB trade rumors St. Louis Cardinals is another team that could be looking to sign Andrew Miller. After losing Matt Carpenter to an injury that may see him sitting the games for  a month or two, the Cardinals have Andrew Miller as one of the top options for a reliever.

His Yankees contract will expire in 2018 with a $9 million per season pay. Basing from that, Cardinals has the funds to acquire Miller.

Moreover, as St. Louis Cardinals place Matt Carpenter on a 15-day disabled list, their infield force weakens. With Carpenter’s oblique injury, Andrew Miller’s addition would serve the Cardinals’ need for a reliever who can pitch them success. With his high strikeout-to-walk ratio of 44.5%, he is currently leading his teammates. His 2016 fWAR of 1.7 shows he is on par with Cardinals reliever, Seung-hwan Oh.

While New York Yankees have maintained that Andrew Miller is staying put with them, these two clubs still have enough time to pitch a deal to acquire the reliever. While the Chicago Cubs is looking to add another All Star player to their roster, the St. Louis Cardinal is looking for a reliever to bring their infield force back to form.