Lenny Dykstra may not be playing for the MLB 2016 season but that’s not stopping him from stealing the spotlight.

The New York Post reports that the former Mets star offered an intriguing revelation when asked about having sex with other women.

According to the report, Dykstra openly told Howard Stern of “The Howard Stern Show” that he’d have sex with a woman his own age if he got paid. The news source further relays that Dykstra admitted to earning money from giving “companionship” and romantic dinner with old folks.

However, it wasn’t clarified whether sexual intercourse was part of the package.

In his revelations, Dykstra admitted to spending time with women as old as 80. The New York Post further quotes Dykstra in saying:

“We’re talking about grandma. You’re talking about a [explicit] gray bush, bro.”

Dykstra’s memoir, best past time in between MLB 2016 matches

While there’s tons of action going on with MLB 2016 right now, it seems that Dykstra’s revelations are with equal intensity.

Esquire reveals that the Met star’s escapades does not end with simple paid dates with older women. The magazine relays that Dykstra was open to admitting how he frequently cheated on his ex-wife, Terri. The couple were married a good 24 years, before their split on 2009.

Jack Nicholson even makes a cameo in Dykstra’s controversial story. According to Esquire, the former MLB player enlisted the help of his friend in scoring a night with another woman. Though morals in this story is questionable, Dykstra is certainly capable of picking a good wing man.


Dykstra’s relationship escapades, however, are only a fraction of his many revelations. The former MLB star talks more about his life in his newly-released memoir, called “House of Nails”. As colorful as Dykstra’s personality is the (metaphorical) fireworks display that comes with his admissions.

Bleacher Report‘s Scott Miller, who detailed a quite lengthy meeting with Dykstra, gives a picture of just how colorful this guy’s personality is.

However, the standout topic the two talked about relates to Dykstra’s steroid use. The major event in his career is traced back to winter of 1989, the same year when he was traded to the Phillies. His reason for starting use is quoted by Bleacher Report as follows:

“I started because I had to. I was too small. I didn’t forget how to hit. I was too weak.”

Dykstra has more to say, and if you are interested, then you can pick up a copy of “House of Nails”. It should be a good read in between MLB 2016 matches.