Fans who feared that a Mission Impossible 6 won’t happen can leave their panic behind. The next MI film in the franchise is now back on track.

Fear that the franchise will end with the fifth Mission Impossible film surfaced after a salary dispute from lead actor Tom Cruise. Playing IMF agent Ethan Hunt, Cruise is a crucial element to the Mission Impossible film series.

Last August, reports emerged saying that pre-production on the sixth film took a halt due to the actor’s conditions in terms of pay. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cruise is “looking to match or exceed what he is getting paid by Universal for starring in The Mummy.”

However, that problem is now resolved. The confirmation comes from a recent report by The Hollywood Reporter.

One drawback of the resolution, though, is pre-production of the film will now start at a later time. According to THR, MI:6 will now start production come 2017. This late production date will most likely push the film to a 2018 release.

It appears that Mission Impossible fans are in for a long wait.

Mission Impossible 6 details

No details are out yet regarding the sixth film’s premise. However, reports earlier in the year confirmed the return of Tom Cruise, Rebecca Ferguson and director Christopher McQuarrie.

With the exclusion of Ving Rhames, Simon Pegg and Jeremy Renner, the MI films usually featured different team members for Ethan Hunt. Consequently, every film featured a different leading lady/female IMF agent. Hence, it would be interesting how the sixth film will develop Ilsa Faust (Ferguson’s character).

Story-wise, the sixth film’s premise would be harder to speculate upon. However, Variety reported back in April that Cruise left hints on what fans could expect for MI:6. The website quotes Cruise as saying that the next MI will have “more incredible set pieces, stunts..and […] a very entertaining and compelling story.”

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