David Beckham, the world famous footballer is the best when it comes to scoring goals for his team.

The news that this sports icon is getting into “Mission Impossible” sequel has been making rounds for a long time.  It was also rumored that Beckham was taking acting tips from his BFF Tom Cruise, the “Mission Impossible” star. Breaking every speculation now, the British soccer star opened up many secrets to ET about his best pal Cruise.  He considers living in Los Angeles, something that he always looks forward to experience again. In the conversation, he also mentioned about his late-night biking experience with actor Tom Cruise through Beverly Hills and Malibu.

“He’d call at 11 at night, and we’d just hang, no problems, just riding our bikes,” quoted Beckham.

Beckham is equally praiseworthy when it comes to his family.  He is a responsible son, great husband and a protective father. He always tries out his best to keep his family as much as away from the media attention.

It is believed that Beckham’s life would have been different if he continued to stay in LA, where he could spend some great quality time with his buddy. However, his love for his  family made him coming back to his home city London. In his words,

“If I was still living in LA, I’d probably really seriously think about coming back for a year,” Beckham added. “But we’re living in London, and the kids are happy in school.”

The tattoo on Beckham’s hand, created a big news last October. Drawn by his little daughter, Harper, it is based on a cute stick figure doodle.

“The tattoos are a way of me expressing deeper feelings about the things I care about and love,” Beckham expressed to ET, “Am I done? Probably not. [I] think Victoria’s given up on telling me to stop now. She used to. She used to say, ‘Do you have to?’ But she knows it makes me happy.”