The missing case of a Waikato dad and his daughter has taken a new turn. Words are out that they might be discovered in Australia. Forty-six-year-old Alan Langdon and six-year-old daughter Que have been missing for over three weeks now. The duo was last seen on December 17 at Kawhia Harbour on a small catamaran sailing off New Zealand.

International Criminal Police Organization or Interpol has advised Australian authorities about the possible presence of the Waikato dad and daughter in the nation. Langdon’s wife Ariane Wyler has claimed that the duo was on their way to Australia. It is being believed that they have already reached Australia. There have been many searches conducted by experts but none of them have yielded any result.  New Zealand police, however, withdrew their search operation for Waikato dad and daughter on Tuesday.

Waikato Detective Sergeant Bill Crowe confirmed that Australian police know the possibilities. Police released a statement on Thursday saying that the “physical search” for the Waikato pair was over. The statement said that the father-daughter duo is believed to have proceeded to the Bay of Islands. They were expected to celebrate Christmas with friends there. According to the reports, Langdon and Que were also expected to visit family near Whangarei.”It has been suggested that the boat was stocked for a voyage, but it is unknown which direction he went after leaving the vicinity of the Kawhia Harbour,” the police statement said.

Australian Authorities On Waikato Dad, Daughter Missing Case

Wyler indicated that the Waikato dad and daughter might not have gone too far off the Australian coast. And hence, the Australian authorities needed to take the search forward.  She also mentioned that she hired a Child Recovery Services contractor to recover the duo. Where so many updates are regularly coming in the dual missing case, Australian Federal Police is yet to comment on their action, They have not yet mentioned any actions taken. “You need to talk to New Zealand police, it’s a matter for them,” a spokeswoman said as quoted by Radio NZ.

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