Harry Speath is still desperately searching for his two children who went missing on December 2014. The Brisbane dad believes the children are with their mother.

On the 5th of December 2014, Mr. Speath’s ex-wife, Jane Iluci Adare, picked up the children from their father’s home. That was the last time the father saw his kids. He has not heard anything from either the children or the mother. Mr. Speath said his son, Thomas, seemed particularly distressed to be leaving his father’s home.

“It’s not knowing where they are, whether or not they are being educated.”

A state wide hunt commenced on 17th February, 2015 (and later turned into a nation wide hunt), when The Federal Circuit Court of Australia authorized all members of the Australian Federal Police, as well as the State and Territory Police to search for the siblings. The Court has also ordered broadcast of photographs and details of the children and their mother. The father and the Court are hoping the public may be able to help.

Thomas Kurt Michael Speath, born 27 April, 2010, has blue eyes, and blond hair. Back in 2014, his height was 117 cm, and he was of medium built. By now, he must have grown taller, his build is uncertain.

Serena Lucia Speath, born 29 March, 2009, also has blue eyes and short blond hair. Back at that time, she was 115 cm tall and was slightly built. One distinct characteristic is that she is allergic to peanuts and extremely allergic to eggs. She used to carry an Epipen auto injector in case of emergency.

Jane Iluci Adare, previously known as Leisa Jane Felsman, nee Leisa Jane Allsopp, has hazel eyes and fair complexion. She has light brown hair, dyed blond in 2014. She is around 165 cm tall, and weighed around 52 kg at that time.

By now, the Police are suspecting two things. First, the children are believed to be somewhere in the southeast of Queensland, northern suburbs of Brisbane, or the Maleny area of the Sunshine Coast. Second, they may have traveled to UK. It is to be noted that Ms. Adare has dual citizenship – UK/Australian.

The authorities have confirmed that neither of the children have been admitted to any schools in Queensland. There is still hope for Mr. Speath to find his children.

Jane, Serena and Thomas may be the friendly single mum family that moved in next door within the last year or so, or the family that did if there is a new man in Jane’s life. They are likely to have a different name by now. Perhaps the new man’s family name.

If you are in Australia, or anywhere in UK, do visit his Facebook page, and kindly follow up with the latest updates. And if you have any kind of information regarding the Speath siblings, please contact the Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.