North Queenslander Madeline Cowe won the Miss World Australia title on Friday night.

The law student defeated all other state and territory winners in the contest, becoming the strongest contender for the title. Cowe left behind the first indigenous contestant from Northern Territory, named Maminydjama Maymuru, who almost sealed the title following being a runner-up in the 2015 competition.

The winner said that she was grateful and excited to receive this award. She added that her grandma always used to call her Miss World as all her life, she  took a very long time getting ready. This was “the funniest thing” as she is actually a Miss World Australia now.

There are several unknown facts about Cowe that people need to know. The top five interesting facts are as follows:

  • Cowe belonged to a rural town in Northern Queensland called Tully, the name of which is hardly heard. However, by winning the title, she has given recognition to the place she originated from.
  • The Tully girl was the first runner-up in Miss Universe Australia,which was held in June 2015.
  • She also participated in Australia’s Next Top Model Cycle 8.
  • Cowe was a debutante in the NT Fashion Week held in October 2015.
  • She is an Ambassador to Variety Australia Limited, a charity that works for children. She participated in Miss Word Australia 2016 contest with an intention to raise funds for the charitable organization.

Cowe said that she was hopeful of completing her law studies in 2016. She also stated that she intends to use her status to encourage the youth to pursue their dreams. “Growing up in Tully, you don’t really aspire to enter pageants or do modeling – it’s just not something that comes up that often,” she said as quoted by Townsville Bulletin.

“I want to visit kids in rural areas and let them know that anything is possible, and they can achieve whatever they want to do, whether that be a model or a doctor.”

Miss World Australia is scheduled to travel to Washington, USA in December for the international beauty contests. She said that it might be different from competing in Australia but with “Courtney (Thorpe) and Tess (Alexander) as mentors”, it will be easier for her to get prepared.