Miss World Australia 2016 finalist Elyse Miller-Kennedy is battling to survive after she was admitted to a hospital following a car accident caused by careless driving by tourists.

According to reports, a pair of French backpackers drove on the wrong side of the road, hitting the model’s car. She was immediately taken to Townsville Hospital with severe injuries. She had wounds on her chest, arms, legs and head. She was about 110 kilometers from the west of Cairns where she lived.

Police claimed that Miller-Kennedy obtained her driving license only five weeks ahead of the incident. Though she was new to driving, there was no fault noticed from her part. The Miss World Australia 2016 participant was trapped for two hours in her Toyota Camry while the tourists’ vehicle smashed into the car she was in. She was driving home from Mareeba to Dimbulah when the mishap occurred.

“Elyse was driving back from the Mareeba direction and was on the correct side of the road,” Senior Constable Lee Chamberlain said. “Our inquiries show that the two vehicles came together on the Dimbulah-bound lane, so she was where she should have been at the time.

“The investigations clearly show Elyse was a completely innocent party in this tragedy,” Cairns Forensic Crash investigator Scott Ezard stated.

Miller-Kennedy was transferred to the hospital for better treatment of injuries on Monday. The French couple is yet to be investigated. The female tourist driver also suffered from leg injuries. The tourists have not yet been charged as of now.

Miss World Director Deborah Miller praised the Miss World Australia 2016 finalist and said that she had the ability to win the beauty pageant. She added that other contestants were also filled with tears after they learned about the incident. The director said that Elyse was “so kind and so graceful.” She has a promising future, Miller said as reported by The Townsville Bulletin.

According to 9News, the local community has initiated a rally after the accident that occurred on Wednesday, thereby raising a fund of over $20,000 in the name of Miller-Kennedy.