Olivia Rogers, the recently crowned Miss Universe Australia, has revealed that she currently suffers from mental issues she has had since childhood. According to Rogers, she still goes through anxiety and depression, two mental health issues that have grown rampant as of late. Rogers actually admitted this after she won the contest and plans to raise awareness of it through her social media following.

“Growing up I was quite a chubby kid … very nerdy … I never thought I’d do modelling … The runways have always been a bit daunting, particularly bikini – it’s never really been my thing. Even in front of my family I am a bit self conscious. So getting up on stage in front of a lot of people in not much was very scary,” Rogers stated after winning the crown from NSW favourite Georgie Mitchell.

Like most people that suffer from these issues, Rogers thought she could get over this, but that hasn’t been the case, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. “I thought at first I could get over it myself but I realised that wasn’t the case … I still get anxiety but I know how to cope with it. I love to go for runs and listen to music and do things for myself.”

Rogers admits that she only made the finals after another contestant pulled out of the contest, but was still slightly nervous about it. “I spoke to my friends and family and the majority said I should do it,” she said. The fact that she won must have been a nice surprise for her and the supporters she has gained since.

While entering the contest was already a nerve wracking experience, the bikini round proved to be troublesome for her anxiety. “I thought I was going to throw up all day,” she said of Tuesday’s swimwear judging session. Still, she pulled through and will now try to use her position to raise mental health awareness.