West Australian Caris Tiivel has been announced Miss Universe Australia 2016 on Wednesday at an event held in Melbourne.

With Tiivil becoming an Australian representative to the world, everyone must be awaiting more information about the winner’s personal and professional life. Though many details are easily available in various sources, here are six fun facts that fans and followers will surely enjoy reading about Miss Universe Australia 2016.

Who did Tiivel defeat in the contest?

Tiivel defeated Queensland’s Elise Chamellant who grabbed the first runner-up position, along with Victorian Marijana Radmanovic, NSW Rose McEvoy and Queensland’s Jasmine Stringer as second, third and fourth runners-up, respectively.

Does she resemble someone?

You might have found Tiivel having facial and physical similarities with another model. Miranda Kerr, one of the Victoria’s Secret Angels, is the one who Tiivel resembles. It won’t be wrong to say that Kerr’s look-alike won the Miss Universe Australia 2016 contest.

Has she joined/won any other beauty pageant?

The Perth model also won Miss West Coast in April 2016. She was the first to accept the award since 1985. She left behind 23 contestants and claimed the title, which originated in 1967.

Does she have a boyfriend?

According to the latest update, the winner is not dating anyone. However, she was in a relationship with Stirling Caiulo during her battle for the Miss West Coast title. He was among Chadwick’s Models, together with the winner herself.

What’s her next plan?

Following her victory in the Miss Universe Australia 2016 contest, Tiivel will represent the nation in Miss Universe 2016 in the Philippines.

How did Miss Universe Australia 2016 help her?

In a statement, Tiivel said that the Miss Universe Australia 2016 contest helped her overcome anxiety and depression.

“I’m someone who has suffered from anxiety and depression in the past, and a lot of people think if you are always smiling, you are happy all the time. There is nothing wrong with you,” she said as quoted by the Herald Sun.

“But that’s the stigma that comes with depression. A lot of people don’t know when someone is suffering. I would really like to support a cause like that and provide some assistance to people who are going through a tough time.”