In the craziest turn of events, Miss Universe 2015 is Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach.

This year’s beauty pageant will definitely go down to history as the craziest Miss Universe EVER! And Steve Harvey will be the biggest talk of the year with his huge television blunder, announcing the wrong finalist as the winner.

After three hours, a winner was finally decided by votes of the viewers and the Miss Universe finalists themselves. Millions of people around the world waited at the edge of their seats, hoping to hear their favorite be announced as the new winner. First announced was Miss USA as the second runner up. With Miss Philippines and Miss Colombia left for the taking, Harvey was supposed to announce the name of the new winner first and the finalist left will automatically be the first runner up.

It seems the production staff did not brief the host well enough, because it what could be the most humiliating and depressing error on TV, Harvey announced the name of Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez. However, the cards revealed that it was in fact Miss Philippines who won the night. Too late the hero, Miss Colombia already had her first walk as newly crowned Miss Universe before Harvey took the stage again to announce the error — Miss Philippines was in fact, the winner.

While we do appreciate Steve Harvey’s guts in taking the stage again and owning up to his mistake, that’s no error to commit. Especially not in an event as big as the Miss Universe.

Harvey has to stop Miss Colombia on her feet, reveal that there was a mix up and announce that Miss Philippines is the real winner. Even showing the result cards and asking the crowd not to blame the ladies, because it was his fault.

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