The attention of spectators at the upcoming Rio Olympics could be on someone’s behind at Miss BumBum 2016 rather than the leading scores.

Brazil is the talk of the town these days with the Rio Olympics only a few days away. However, the country hosts another type of competition that might interest some bootylicious stars. For the past five years, the country hosts the annual Ms BumBum pageant also known as rear of the year. Apparently, it is a popular contest in the South American country. From over 500 women who joined the event in 2015, the final 15 battled for the title. The same frenzy would likely happen for the upcoming Miss BumBum 2016.

The goal of the competition is to elect the most beautiful bum in Brazil according to contest organizer Cacau Oliver. As it turns out, Brazilians have great respect for a fine-looking behind. Hence, it is not surprising for contestants to push themselves to limit to prepare for the event. According to Mail Online, a number of Carnival beauties go as far as to get insurance coverage for their behinds.

However, the extent to which some would go could be deadly. Last year’s runner up, Andressa Urach, underwent procedures to boost her bum. However, it nearly cost her life after the enhancements started to rot inside. Suzy Cortez won the coveted title for 2015. Her victory came after months of hard work and sacrifice to achieve a winning bum.

“I’ve been preparing myself for the past four months. I’ve always wanted to win this contest. I dedicated myself completely. I dieted and did rigorous training,” Cortez revealed. Perhaps, a valid advice for Miss BumBum 2016 hopefuls to consider. Cortez earned another title in conjunction with the upcoming Rio Olympics. She was also chosen Muse of Olympics 2016. Moreover, Playboy Mexico features her this month in sporty, steamy pictorials in honor of the sporting event.

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