Fans are definitely thrilled to know that “Mirror’s Edge Catalyst” will be packed with the same parkour action they loved in the first title. Players will get to go on an adventure with Faith Connors as she and her friends try to destroy KruegerSec.

First-time and even avid gamers of the franchise might get overwhelmed with all the tricks involved in the sequel’s gameplay. Good thing, several gaming sites have weighed in on the most important tips to help players along the way.

As Mashable noted, Gridnodes and choosing the right upgrades are the two of the most important things to remember in “Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.”

“There’s really no mystery here. Gridnodes allow you to fast-travel to any safe houses in their immediate vicinity, which in turn lets you cross larger chunks of the map instantaneously,” the report noted. “You’ll usually get a new Gridnode after a story mission gives you a new piece of gear, so check your map after key moments.”

The site also stressed on Faith’s three-headed upgrade tree that allows players to customize her skills.

“Your first priority should be unlocking the key Movement abilities — some of which are things Faith just did naturally in the original game, weirdly,” the site noted. “It’s also a good idea to invest in health upgrades whenever you can since Faith is kind of frail in combat. Also, consider the “intel” upgrades that boost your damage against the different types of enemies you encounter.”

As for the six best skills to unlock first, Shack News claimed that the Skill Roll, Quickturn, Coil, Stun Advantage, Disrupt and Climb Efficiency could be the most helpful in Faith’s journey.

“These are by no means the most important skills in the game, in fact, each and every skill that Faith can unlock is extremely vital to the experience,” the site clarified. “Of course, these are just some of the most important to focus on trying to unlock as early on as you can.”