Can’t wait any longer for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst? Then wait no more.

An exclusive treat awaits EA Access members as Mirror’s Edge Catalyst opens its doors earlier for you.

The Treat

Though it’s not the full game just yet, EA Access members will have the chance to explore 2 vast districts and complete 10 action-packed missions for Faith. Though there’s a catch: you have to finish your missions within 6 hours.

Though don’t worry. Save your precious minutes within the six-hour window by saving and closing the game whenever you’re done playing. The six-hour clock only runs so long as your game window is open.

What’s more, your initial run will be saved and you can play it continuously once the full game releases. There’s also a 10% off EA Access members’ digital purchase of the full game.

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Her Story and History

In the game, you play from a first-person point of view in the character of Faith. A juvenile veteran, Faith Connors “free runs” for her life in an open, larger scale environment. The player also gets treated to a firsthand account of Faith’s past and how she ended up in the thrilling world of freerunning.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst was initially set for February this year but game development lagged so the game’s release was postponed to May 24. Now, everyone’s hoping the game’s release will push through as scheduled on June 9. Design Director Erik Odeldahl cites “a brand new online technology” as the main reason for the postponement of the game’s release, PC Advisor UK reports.

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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Gameplay

Charged with a brand new technology, players will zip through this parkour simulation from the first point of view. Needless to say, it’s as real as it gets without a virtual headset.

Engadget shares that the city of Glass will feel like a “seamless open world” with more rooftop districts for players to traverse.

How to Download: Run and Play Today

EA Access members straight through here please to download Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst!