A 35-year-old man from the US reveals what it is like to live with a micropenis, a penis shorter than 7 centimeters or 2 3⁄4 inches. In an article written for Cosmopolitan, he writes that he was so humiliated during a sexual encounter 12 years ago that the stopped seeking relationships since.

The man, who wants to be called Jf, describes his 2.7 inch-long penis (when erect) looking like two raisins flat on top of each other when flaccid. When erect, his penis would be the equivalent in volume to two cocktail sausages.

When Jf was still a student, a woman could not stop laughing when they tried to have sex, asking him if his penis was already in. This incident embarrassed him and lowered his self-esteem.

“When I stripped, she stared at my micropenis, giggled, and put her hand to her mouth, muttering simply ‘OK’ in a tone that suggested she was taken aback. When it came to actually performing, first I found that the condom wouldn’t stay on, but more frustratingly, my micropenis kept falling out every time I tried to penetrate her,” Jf recalls. “Even when I was inside her, she kept asking me, ‘Is it in?’ Every time she asked me that, I wanted to die. It was clear that she was getting nothing out of the experience.”

The woman got annoyed and left. To offer his apology, Jf decided to walk three kilometers to her home and bring her a box of chocolates.

He felt like a loser, and this prompted him to never get close to a woman ever again. If he started seeking relationships, he knows that he would simply be disappointed and get depressed.

While for some, this article may elicit a few laughs, Jf writes that he wishes that this would make people more sensitive and less likely to body shame men.