The Miranda Kerr engagement was the talk of the town over the weekend. The Australian supermodel will soon be tying the knot with Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel. The social media executive proposed to the first Victoria’s Secret angel from Down Under a year after they first began dating. However, it was how Kerr made the announcement that really piqued people’s interest.

What’s more important than the diamond ring Kerr showed off on social media after Speigel’s proposal? The comic-style versions of the newly engaged couple on her post, of course. The caricatures of Kerr and Speigel are called bitmojis. Below, we round up five things you should know about these personalized emojis.

1. What are bitmojis anyway?

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The Miranda Kerr engagement announcement might have been some people’s first encounter with bitmojis. However, these personalized caricatures have actually been around for a while now. According to, Bitmoji is a free app allowing users to create a personalized avatar of themselves. Users can change a lot about the given avatar’s appearance, so much so that they can make it look exactly like themselves.

2. Why would Kerr use Bitmoji to announce their engagement?

The couple that bitmojis together… #bitmoji via @sir.armando

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This actually made a lot of sense. The tech company of Kerr’s future husband did just buy the company behind these personalized avatars, Bitstrips, earlier this year. According to Gizmodo Australia, Snapchat bought Bitstrips for for a reported USD100 million (about AUD134 million).

3. How can you use Bitmoji yourself?

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You first have to download the app on your phone. For Android phones, you can access Bitmoji through chat apps. for iOS devices, on the other hand, you can use it through the keyboard settings.

4. Which apps can you use Bitmoji with?

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You can use it from any chat apps available from Facebook Messenger to Whatsapp, from Google Hangouts to iMessage.

5. Can you use Bitmoji on a web browser?

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Yes, but you have to download the extension from the Chrome Web Store first.