Miracle teen Abigail Kopf, who was mistakenly declared dead, has left the hospital rehab.  She was shot in the head during a deadly shooting rampage in Kalamazoo, south western Michigan.

Betsy Musilf, spokesperson of Mary Free Bed Hospital, said that Abigail Kopf was released on Wednesday. Abigail spent six weeks at the Grand Rapids facility and a few weeks in another hospital after the February 20 shooting. The rampage killed 6 people and injured 1.

Abigail was considered brain dead immediately after the shooting incident. However she made a considerable recovery and now she is completely fine and released from the hospital rehab.

Abigail underwent an intensive inpatient therapy and the hospital has produced a video chronicling her journey, reported Mail Online.

Kopf said in the video that she was excited about meeting her friends and pets, especially the pig, Hamlet.

In the YouTube video physical therapist Joe Winegar said, “we are trying to get her so she can go to school and can help mom and dad in the house.”

Abigail’s mother Vickie Kopf appreciated her daughter’s perseverance in such an adverse situation.

Vickie said, “She’s an amazing kid — especially when you’re told that she might be brain dead or she might not make it”.

Her father Gene Komf said, “It was bad luck that it happened, but it was good luck that it happened near a trauma centre, it was good luck that it was cold that night, it was good luck that she was found quickly and that the bullet took the path that it did.”

He added, “Some of it is sheer dumb luck but a lot of it is skill on the medical field.”

Jason Brian Delton, the gunman who randomly roamed Kalamazoo looking for targets shot her in her head. Later, Delton told the investigators that Uber app forced him to commit the murders.

Police after the incident recovered 40 shell casings across three scenes, as reported by news.com .au.