A teenage girl who was shot by a rampaging Uber driver has miraculously walked out of the hospital. The 14-year-old was  declared brain dead after the incident in February.

The girl, Abigail Kopf was seriously injured and doctors had lost all their hope. Abigail was shot through the right side of her head during the attack.  However, Abigail has made an incredible recovery and now she has been transferred for rehabilitation.

“This little girl loves her pig. Tonight, Abbie *spoke* her first word. It was ‘pig. This gives us great hope that she will regain her speech,” the family said in a statement.

Doctors declared her brain dead and were planning to remove her organs for donation, but she suddenly showed sign of life by squeezing her mother’s hand. When the doctor asked her whether she could hear him, she gave a thumbs-up, reported The Sun.

The Uber Driver, Jason Dalton, 45, has been charged with 6 murders and 2 attempts to murder for the February massacre in Michigan. Apparently, he stopped several times between the shootings to pick up fares.

“I wish to remain silent,” Dalton said.

Kalamazoo’s public security chief, Jeffrey Hadley, said, “That is probably the million dollar question: ‘Why would this individual do this?”

The first victim was a woman who was with her three children, reported Mail Online. Four hours later he killed a father and a son. The last shooting took place after 10 to 15 minutes later at a restaurant where four more people were shot. One of them was Abigail.

Dalton’s family also released a statement, which read, “There are no words which can express our shock and disbelief. While it seems woefully inadequate, we are deeply sorry and are praying for everyone affected.”

A judge ordered Delton to undergo a competency exam. Nevertheless, the motive for the attack is still shrouded in mystery.