Minecraft is very popular and it runs on quite several devices. The game can run on many desktop and laptop computers. It also runs on smartphones and tablets. Moreover, Microsoft app store offers a special Windows 10 edition for it.

The latest news is that Microsoft is launching Minecraft in China. A promotional video, produced by Microsoft, has been released and it shows Jens Begensten, creative designer of the game, performing old school martial arts moves.

“Today we’re proud to announce an exclusive agreement to license Minecraft for Pocket and PC to a NetEase, Inc. affiliate in mainland China. The plan is to develop a version of the game tailored for the Chinese market. It probably won’t affect most of you, seeing as you’re probably not based in China”, said the Director of creative communications, Owen Hill at Mojang, notes Mojang.

The CEO of Mojang, Jonas Martensson, added, “we’ll always embrace opportunities to bring Minecraft to new players around the world, widening our community, and giving us a new perspective on our game. NetEase understands our long-term vision for Minecraft and supports Mojang’s ideas, so we’re delighted to have them on board. We look forward to welcoming China’s builders and adventurers to the world of Minecraft”.

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China is a lucrative market and the company is trying its hand in bringing the game to the country, however, the release date of this special Chinese version is not known. NetEase would soon deliver it and Chinese game enthusiast can get pleasure from the game. Microsoft would overlook on the gaming company as it has to recoup the $2.5 billion it paid to acquire the game, notes BetaNews.

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It would not be less to say that China is very important for Microsoft. Back in March, a special version of Windows 10 was launched in the country. This only stresses the point that China has become a very important stop for the tech companies.