The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) in Australia held its annual Million Paws Walk on Sunday, where dog lovers brought their furry friends for the special event.

About 9,000 people and 5,000 dogs showed up on Sir James Mitchell Park in Perth, Western Australia for the event, where they walked for 1 km, 2.5 km or 5 km along the banks of the Swan River, according to Perth Now.

“It was a beautiful day and the weather worked in our advantage,” David van Ooran, the chief executive of the RSPCA in Western Australia, said. “I have never seen such diversity and the dogs were all well-behaved.”

He added that he was “very pleased” the fundraising tally, where about $100,000 was raised. The money will be used to help in caring for thousands of animals this year and fighting against animal cruelty in the state.

Over in the South Bank in Brisbane, over 3,000 owners brought their four-legged friends for the event while raising funds for the animal charity in Queensland.

The owners mingled with one another before they took off for the walk along the Brisbane River. More than 20,000 people were believed to have taken part in the event in the state of Queensland alone.

Health booths, canine information booths, animal photography booths and business booths selling dog treats and shampoos can be seen around the area and are filled with thousands of overly enthusiastic dogs.

There were owners who came into the event for the first time, while there are those who came in for their tenth year like Malcolm Pearce and his Australian shepherd Incubus.

Candice Wynd comes to the event every year with her friend and dachshund Bubblegum. This year, they added another dachshund into the mix: Marshmellow, who is now four months old.