The finale for Million Dollar Matchmaker features the ex-husband of Jennifer Lopez. Thus, would he reveal more about his past with the famed Latina singer and actress?

Ojani Noa appears on the Million Dollar Matchmaker finale. Thus, would viewers expect revelations from him about his marriage to JLo? Most likely. According to the host and resident love guru Patti Stanger, he spilled more secrets about his marriage to the singer/actress. Hence, it would appear he is still stuck on his first wife despite the fact that the marriage ended in 1998. Moreover, their union lasted for only a year.

Consequently, he has done a number of bad things to express his pain. His appearance on the Million Dollar Matchmaker finale would be the latest stunt to raise awareness on how Jennifer Lopez hurt him. However, his act does not impress Stanger, who revealed her disappointment at his actions. Thus, she is aware of the big challenge he presents to her and the show.

“He lost the love of his life and now he protects himself by being a playboy. We have our work cut out for us,” Stanger said about Noa. FX News Call went over the history between JLo and her first husband. As it turns out, Noa came to America from Cuba. He landed a job as a waiter in a restaurant where he met the future superstar. They married in 1997 but divorced a year later. Since then, he has revealed several secrets about her to the public. Last year, he even threatened to release a sex tape.

By contrast, Jennifer Lopez moved on from him a long time ago. Her professional career is at an all-time high with a string of hits, films and American Idol on her resume. At 46 years of age, she maintains a body most 20-year-olds would envy. Could this be why her first husband cannot seem to get over her?

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