Miley Cyrus seems all set to live a “normal” life for Liam Hemsworth. It has been reported that the two got married last Christmas.

The crazy Miley we know is going to settle down now. She apparently does not want to do “stunts” any more. Liam is also trying his best to help his “wife,” who is known for having a risqué personality.

According to a source from, Miley has “cleaned up” her image over the last few months. “As far as her image she has already taken huge steps to tone that down, she is much softer and less raunchy these days and that’s all because of Liam,” the source says. “And on the other side of things Liam has loosened up a lot, basically they’ve met in the middle over her image and so far so good.”

Miley has apparently cleaned up her social media profile with a few changes in the things she shares with her fans. While she simply shared almost-nude pics in the past, she now shares pet photos and family snaps.

Since this is the second time the celebrity couple has come together, both seem to be extra careful about their public image. “Liam’s the complete opposite of Miley and doesn’t want to attract any attention. He thinks that’s the best way for a relationship in the public eye to survive is by keeping things private — and Miley is going along with that,” the insider says.

“However, she will want to eventually go out to red carpets with him, especially when it’s his film premieres to support him because they can’t hide as a couple.”

If rumours are to be believed, Miley got married with the Australian actor. Life & Style magazine reported, according to The Mirror, that the two got secretly married on an Australian beach.

Miley and the Hunger Games star started their relationship in June 2012 but broke up in September 2013. She was reported to have moved her belongings to Liam’s Malibu home. They seem all set to start a life together.