Miley Cyrus stepped out naked in New York City. That is, her left hand was ringless when she left her Manhattan residence. She is presently in the Big Apple for a role in Woody Allen’s first series.

The “Wrecking Ball” hitmaker reunited with Liam Hemsworth early this year. In January, the singer flashed her old engagement ring. The same one Hemsworth gave her in May 2012.

Soon after, they reportedly got married, honeymooned and were already pregnant.

However, last March 13, the ring was noticeably absent on Cyrus’ left hand. Does this mean the engagement is off again? Did the singer throw away the ring?

In pictures of Cyrus outside her NYC apartment, the singer displayed her bare left hand to the paparazzi, HollywoodLife reported. The website also took note of her less than cheery disposition.

To date, a confirmation about the engagement being called off or that the singer threw away the ring has yet to be made.

Made fo early morninz

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News of Cyrus setting aside her wild days came out following the couple’s reunion.

In a separate post from HollywoodLife, a source revealed to the website that she has “taken huge steps to tone down”. The source added, “Miley has totally cleaned things up in the past few months, especially on her social media, where family and pet photos have replaced her racy nearly nude shots.”

For his part, Hemsworth ignored questions from a fan about Cyrus. Mail Online posted the video of the actor on their website. The clip showed Hemsworth on his mobile walking towards his car.

The fan congratulated him on his engagement. He was also asked if there was already a date for the wedding.

With no response from the actor, the fan proceeded to ask “She said she’s bringing out your freaky side, can you explain what that means?”

Hemsworth ignored the question and stepped into the vehicle.