Miley Cyrus refuses to let strains dislodge her relationship with fiance Liam Hemsworth. Miley, 23, and fiance Liam, 26, have reconciled after ending their engagement a few years back.

Rumours have circulated the couple have split again.

A source exclusively told Hollywood Life that these rumours are false. And that Miley and Liam are still engaged for the second time round. “As for Liam breaking things off, this hasn’t happened. There is a strain but they both know that they have to work to make it work. It is not over yet.”

The couple has made fans rejoice by announcing they are back together and engaged for the second time. Rumours circulated that Liam broke it off with Miley the second time because she was caught sexting ex-lover Stella Maxwell, according to Hollywood Life.

Miley will not let anyone or anything get in the way of her second shot with “soulmate” Liam.

A source told Hollywood Life, “Miley knows that Liam is her soulmate and they got together for a reason. She truly believes love will find a way and she will marry Liam no matter what trouble they end up getting in.”

According to the Inquisitr, the couple ended their engagement the first time round because of Miley’s radical, party-crazed lifestyle, as well as the pair finding it difficult to segregate work from their relationship. Miley has promised to “turn it down”, and cut the crazy antics for Liam’s sake. The pair has also learnt from past mistakes about juggling work and their relationship.

Miley was seen at a New York Knicks basketball game with mother and sister. The “Hannah Montana” star looked happy, laughing and sporting her dazzling engagement ring.

Liam has in the past confessed he will “always love Miley”, we know Miley refuses to let Liam go. Miley fans are rooting for the couple to finally commit and tie the knot. If Liam has his say, Miley will have to turn it down, so the heat can turn up.