Miley Cyrus was seen sporting her “Hannah Montana” hairstyle. Is a “Hannah Montana” reboot in the works?

For all you Cyrus fans who simply loved the “Wrecking Ball” singer back in her Disney days, there is both good news and not so good news. While “Hannah Montana” is not in reboot mode, Cyrus is donning a blonde wig reminiscent of the good ol’ days as she shoots for Woody Allen’s untitled new project for Amazon.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Allen is shooting a new series for Amazon. The details of the project are not known yet. However, eyewitnesses saw a small crew of technicians filming on location on a rural set. Cyrus, Allen and John Magaro of “The Big Short” fame were some of the known faces.

Cyrus was seen wearing green cargo pants and a colourful poncho to complete her bohemian/hippie kind of look.

The Huffington Post states that Cyrus had spoken about the film project in January. She shared a painting of Allen on her Instagram and captioned it in a way that gave out her excitement to be a part.  “Fuck yeah! Stoked to be in Woody Allens first series!!!!!” she revealed. “I had claimed 2016 to be my year of ‘chillin the fuck out’ but next to my bed for a few years now has been this portrait of W.A. & I was looking into his eyes when I got the call to be a part of the cast and work alongside the bad a$$ Elaine May & da dude himself! 1960zzzz here I cummmmm,” she added.

Her look is that of a 60s hippie. That’s where the “Hannah Montana” vibes came from and it is in line with what was shared on her Instagram. The show is going to be a six-part mini series set in the 60s. The episodes will be half an hour each, states Huffington Post.

This is Allen’s first foray into television, reveals Elite Daily. In addition to Cyrus and Magaro, the series will also star Elaine May, Rachel Bresnahan and Woody Allen.