It appears that Miley Cyrus may have found a new romance in the persona of Jared Leto.

Hollywood Life reports that Cyrus, 23, and Leto, 43, are in a hookup relationship that involves a lot of sexting.

The website adds that it has been reported back in November 25 that the two are limited to a sex-only relationship.

However, the latest report suggests that their physical arrangement does not stop them from caring about each other from time to time.

The 23-year-old singer is known to be out on her “Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Pets” tour while the actor is busy with his commitments for the upcoming film “Suicide Squad”.

Still, a Hollywood Life source shares that the busy schedule between the two does not keep them entirely apart.

Hollywood Life quotes their source in saying:

“They don’t see each other that often but they’re in touch a lot, mostly just by text.”

Enstars recall that the two have already been linked a year ago so if Cyrus and Leto did have a relationship back then, this is the second time they are trying to connect.

The website relays that to keep things steamy even if they are apart, the two would send hot pictures to each other.

Enstars quoted the Hollywood Life source in saying:

“They send each other hot pictures too. Miley loves teasing him with sexy pictures of herself. It’s super casual but he’s more than just a hook-up buddy. They genuinely care about each other.”

So, if the two also care about each other, is there any chance that the sex-only relationship could blossom into something more serious?

Another report from Hollywood Life reveals that there is a strong possibility this could happen.

Mostly, the reason behind the possibility of things getting more serious is the singer’s feelings toward the actor.

Hollywood Life quotes its source in saying:

“Miley thinks the world of Jared, and she really looks up to him. They have more than just a physical connection. They’re on the same page in so many ways. They love talking about politics, art, spirituality, and sexuality — nothing is off limits. A lot of the time when they get together, they stay up talking until the sun comes up.”

The real score between the two may remain vague right now but time will tell where their relationship is headed.