NSW Premier Mike Baird has announced his retirement, thereby holding family’s health responsible. He made the announcement in a press conference on Thursday. He said that he would like to spend more time with family.

Since he became the NSW premier in 2014, both his parents and his sister suffered health problems, Mike Baird said. In his press conference, the premier gave details of the health conditions of his family members. His father Bruce Baird, who is a former Deputy Leader of the NSW’s Liberal Party, underwent an open heart surgery while his mother has muscular dystrophy.

The NSW premier added that his sister Julia, who is a journalist and host of ABC’s “The Drum,” was in a hospital recently. She has been diagnosed with a form of cancer, which is rarely found in people. He stayed with her over there last week.

“I have decided that this is the perfect time for me to hand the reins over to a new premier,” Mike Baird said in a statement. “To be honest, at times I have been in pain not being able to spend the time that I should [with them] and this will change today. Whilst there’s much more to do, I strongly believe that there is a great team that I leave behind and they’re going to do many more great things for the state,” he added.

Mike Baird said that the nature of his job is such that he hardly gets time to spend with his family even when they have health issues. He said his wife, Kerryn, has remained supportive throughout his political journey. He also mentioned that she stood by him when he “decided now is the time” to retire.

Mike Baird Takes Swipe at Malcolm Turnbull

The premier also took a swipe at Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and that he missed a chance on tax reform. He favored increasing the GST. “I think probably the biggest regret was the lack of outcome in the tax reform debate. I think that’s probably the thing that frustrated me the most,” Mike Baird said.

“I think there was a big opportunity there to do something very significant in terms of the competitiveness of the economy and the sustainability of funding services in the long-term, and that’s something I’m disappointed about – I certainly gave it a crack. But that was something that wasn’t to be and obviously that’s something that will be addressed into the future. So to me, that’s probably the one thing that stands out.”

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