Political figure Mike Baird has once again joined the banking sector following his resignation as NSW premier. He will reportedly hold the position of a chief customer officer for corporate and institutional banking.

As soon as Baird resigned from his political position, NAB chief executive Andrew Thorburn called the politician and asked if he was interested in joining the bank once again. It has been six weeks and the answer seems to be positive. National Australia Bank has announced that the NSW leader will join the bank on the above-mentioned position.

Baird resigned in January saying that he wanted to spend more time with his family. The former NSW premier called the offer “a surprise”  “I had known Mike from years gone by in the public space and, at various times we’d spoken at conferences, I’d joked and said: ‘when Mike’s ready to leave politics, I wanted him to phone me because I wanted to talk about opportunities’,” Thorburn said on Tuesday.

Thorburn said that it was a coincidence that Baird resigned as the premier while NAB was hunting for a suitable candidate for the profile. “We put him through all the same processes that all the other people I’d seen had been through, and he came through as the clear winner,” Thorburn said.

Mike Baird Association with NAB

Baird has a long relationship with the banking sector. He started working in NAB’s St Ives branch as a graduate in 1989. He spent 17 long years in the banking industry. Besides spending 10 years at NAB, the NSW politician had also remained associated with banks like Deutsche Bank and HSBC.

“When I finished public life – and that was an incredible privilege – in my mind I wasn’t clear where I was going to go. But, over the past few weeks as I’ve considered various opportunities that have been presented, what is very clear is this is the best,” the ABC quoted Baird as saying. “It’s still important to me to continue to take some time to re-energise and refresh, but I can assure you when I’ve done that I’ll be very excited about an incredible opportunity.”

Baird joined NSW Parliament in 2007. Before that, he held the position if a Treasurer in 2011-14 term. He became the premier of the state in 2014.

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