The Redmond-based company, Microsoft had announced at the Build 2016 that it has developed a Desktop App Converter, a tool which has the ability to convert Windows programs into modern Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps.

The company has now launched the preview version of the app and it supports both .NET and Win32 apps. The tool can convert both into AppX packages which support UWP API.

The tool was developed as a part of Microsoft’s renewed emphasis to make the UWP the crucial way of creating apps for Windows. Moreover, since the UWP apps are installed via the Windows Store, it protects the computer from malware-laced software which is downloaded by the users from shady sites, according to The Next Web.

It is worth noting that users will have to install the latest Windows Insider Build – AKA the first preview for the imminent Anniversary Update – in order to install the app converter.

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Developers can build a single app which has the ability to change according to the users device and screen size. UWP allows developers to build such apps. The app can work on Windows 10-based computer, Windows 10 tablet, Windows 10 Mobile smartphone HoloLens handsets, and Xbox One Console, notes Venture Beat.

Interestingly, this works for games as well. The head of Microsoft’s Xbox division, Phil Spencer had demonstrated how game developers can port their Windows games (such as existing titles on Steam) to UWP and put them in the Windows Store. Spencer at the event showed the audience and developers how to port the Age of Empires II to a modern Windows app.

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Meanwhile, Microsoft has released its roadmap of upcoming Windows 10 features for business users. The company has mentioned that a bevy of new features are under development for the operating system. Some of the features that are included are Windows Defender, Microsoft Passport, as well as some new authentication methods.

If this was not enough, the firm is also planning to develop a tool to unlock their PCs with the help of their Windows Phone or Android devices, along with companion products like the Microsoft Band 2, cites Windows Central.