After Windows Phone line went disastrous, Microsoft is planning to introduce Surface Phone, which would replace the current Lumia phones. However, the rumoured smartphone is slated for April 2017 release.

Interestingly, the launch of the smartphone line will coincide with Redstone 2, which is the second major upgrade to Windows 10 for PC and mobile.

Windows Central notes that there is a big gap between the quality of Lumia 950 phones and Surface tablet. Both smartphones were launched last year, and Lumia received not-so-good review while the Surface Tablet had rave reviews from critics.

The supposed device was rumoured to be launched this year; however,  it seems that company has postponed it for April 2017. It is said that delay is due to the Redstone 2 launch as Microsoft is waiting to finish it. Redstone is considered to be the Windows 10 Aniversary update and last week beta version went live with some new features.

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As Redstone 2 is a hefty update, it is likely that it would come in 2017. Windows Central notes that Redstone 2 and Redstone 3 would focus on “innovation around mobile phones.” This goes in line with Windows chief Terry Myerson’s comments at Build last month. He said that Windows Phone was not a matter of discussion at the conference.

The publication also cited that there’s only two focus area for Microsoft: to build a best secure phone in the world and to make the best phone for productivity.

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The Network World reports that Windows Phone is already pretty secure. However, malware writers don’t go on board for platforms that have less than 2 percent market share. While the Redmond-based company has been working to make Windows Phone a productivity device which would support its own product.