As the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 launch date is nearing, the company is giving promotional ads for Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book.

Delhi Daily News notes that these ads have been released by Microsoft in order to indicate that Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release is imminent.

Meanwhile, Surface Pro 3 has received a massive discount due to which potential buyers can purchase the device for $ 779 from eBay. The launch price of the device was $999, notes Yibada.

Rumours are surfacing that the tablet will be unveiled in June along with Surface Book 2; however, previous reports stated that Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will be launched in early months of 2017. This move was reasoned that the company is focusing on Surface Phone.

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It is said that Surface Pro 5 will have a charging dock and a rechargeable stylus pen and a 6th-generation Skylake processor will power the device.

Recently, a patent for the Surface Pen was found on U.S. Patent & Trademark Office website.

“A stylus may provide active functionality that is powered by a rechargeable battery. A charging circuit within the stylus may provide charging current for recharging the battery via one or more terminals configured to contact charging contacts of an associated stylus charger,” said Microsoft.

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Most likely, Surface Pro 5 will have a 4K display and will be powered by Intel’s upcoming 7th generation processor. The pixel resolution of Surface Pro 4 is a  2736×1824. A better resolution will be included in the Surface Pro 5.

With Microsoft Surface Pro, Microsoft is competing against Apple’s iPad Pro. The powerful battery of iPad Pro will probably be seen on Microsoft Surface Pro 5. In addition, it will also have an improved Type Cover.

The base model of Surface Pro 5 Core i5 will be priced at $899 while, the i7 processor model will cost $999. i7 processor model will the most expensive model which will carry the price tag $1,599.