Microsoft may not have played well in the smartphone market, but it has all its strings pulled up against Apple. Windows and Mac have been rivals for many years and would continue to be so in the future. Microsoft knows very well that laptops cannot be replaced with tablets, so it launched two-in-one tablets.

With tablets that double up as notebooks, Microsoft certainly made a smart move. Meanwhile, Apple has stayed with two categories: tablets and notebooks, as well as iPad and MacBook.

Currently, Microsoft is relying on its Surface lineup, and it’s worth noting that Surface devices have become a success story for the company. This has forced Apple to come up with new flagships every year,  notes Delhi Daily News.

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Notably, two of the current Microsoft flagships, namely, Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book, are very popular in the market. Both flagships are of the tablet-cum-laptop hybrid. However, Alphr cited that the Surface Book works similar to a workhorse laptop. The Surface Pro 4 can also be used as a laptop, as it comes with an attached Type Cover, but it is not as solid as the Surface Book, notes GSM Arena.

When it comes to building and computing power, the Surface Book is way ahead. Microsoft has provided a detachable keyboard, and the tablet holds two separate batteries. This means even in laptop mode, the device can be used longer than the Surface pro 4.

The Surface Book is for professionals who are used to working on laptops. Note that the Surface Pro 4 is an ideal tablet.

Both devices share almost the same specs and features, ranging from Intel processor versions to RAM capacity. However, the Surface Pro 4 can be a better option for those who seek a portable device.