Slowly and gradually more and more rumors about the Microsoft Surface Phone are beginning to arrive.

Earlier reports have made it clear that the Microsoft smartphone in most likelihood will only be introduced sometime next year. It is also known that the tech company will be launching three different models targeting different segments.

Until recently there was no word about the storage or the RAM on the devices, but the latest report on Mobipicker gives some food for thought.

It is known that there are three different variants and now comes in the detail that the one sitting at the lowest rung of the ladder is expected to bring 3GB RAM with 32GB storage. The one in the middle of the pack is said to possess 6GB RAM with 128GB storage.

The most interesting piece of information is that the premium model in the lineup will reportedly feature 8GB RAM with 500GB storage. Now some may call it wishful thinking given that most flagships landing in 2017 are speculated to land with 6GB RAM at the max. But then again with Microsoft making a comeback of sorts in the smartphone market with its surface phone, the company may want to bring it’s A game.

Until new leaks confirm the details take it with a huge pinch of salt. However, a recent leak did bring with it new information suggesting that the smartphone will boast of a built-in QWERTY keypad.

Spotted on Softpedia, leaker @nokibar shared images claiming it to be that of the Microsoft Surface Phone. Other details on the rumored spec sheet read out to be a 5.7-inch or 5.8-inch display, a USB 3.0 port, a 3.5mm headphone jack, a fingerprint scanner and a 20MP primary camera.

Earlier reports have indicated that the company intends to deliver a “real alternative to a computer” with its surface device. Features such as 8GB RAM and 500GB storage sure fit well with that information and add to that a 20MP camera. If these specs do materialise, the smartphone will be a tough competition to beat in terms of its performance.

Keep watching this space for more updates, rumors and predictions about the yet-to-be-announced Microsoft Surface Phone.