Not long after the Microsoft purchased and acquired popular keyboard app SwiftKey, the software giant has just announced its very own keyboard designed for Android devices. Dubbed as the Hub Keyboard, Microsoft’s latest Android app wants to deliver quicker accessibility options to Office files, as well as the system’s local clipboard, contacts, and an instant translation tool for your productivity needs.

The Hub Keyboard comes with a bevy of features and quick access tools to assist you with typing. There’s a small tool belt located at the top of the keyboard itself. It features several icons that you can tap to give you quick access to several information without having to switch to another app. Think inserting information details from a person on your contact list. Only this time, you don’t have to go to the Contacts app itself, copy the information, and then paste it to a certain field.

Similar to Skype, the Hub Keyboard also features instant translation tools. You can type words or phrases in English, and then have it automatically translated into different languages. There’s no more need to head out to Google Translate, type in a string of words, copying them, and pasting them into the desired field.

However, contrary to what has been expected out of Microsoft’s SwiftKey acqusition, the Hub Keyboard doesn’t have any swipe-to-type features. It also doesn’t come with autocorrect features, which would slow your typing speeds down as you look for punctuation marks. But while it’s still in its preview phase, it does arrive with a bevy of features, which makes it quite interesting what functions and features Microsoft will integrate with the app when it takes full swing.

The Hub Keyboard can now be downloaded from the Google Play Store for free. It’s only available in English and in the United States at the moment, however, but the company says that it’s already working on adding support for more languages and countries.