It wasn’t until recently that Apple finally opened up the iPhone to third-party developers. Both Swyft and SwiftKey have jumped into the iOS platform with their respective keyboards to offer a much robust way of typing to iPhone users, and Google is also now attempting to follow suit as it plans on launching an iOS keyboard of its own. Apparently, Microsoft also sees the iOS platform as a thriving ground as it announced its newest keyboard app called Word Flow for Apple’s devices.

Now available from the iTunes app store, Word Flow is the latest iOS app from the software giant. It features the same basic QWERTY keyboard layout, and users can type and use it by swiping on characters to form words in quick succession.

However, the beauty that lies in the keyboard is its unique “arc” mode. Once users activate it, the keyboard will arc itself to make room for single-handed typing. With this mode, the keyboard will move up to the corner of the screen, which will allow your thumb to reach all of the characters on the layout. You can still tap or swipe on letters to spell things out. Interestingly, Word Flow also features a predictive algorithm that, as its name suggests, predicts the next word that you’re going to use. Furthermore, it can even learn and get better as you use it over time. This will relatively speed up your typing on an iPhone while also lessenening your chances of typos in the process.

If you’re fond of customisations, Word Flow by Microsoft also allows you to customise the keyboard’s background with an image of your preference. However, it’s ideal that you use something that isn’t too flashy or colorful so you can still see the characters your are tapping on.

Word Flow can now be downloaded free from Apple’s App Store.