In the past year or so, one of Microsoft’s biggest reveals was the development of its most innovative product – an augmented-reality headset that delivers surreal experience by merging real world environment and digital elements, dubbed as the HoloLens. Now, it seems that the company’s jawdropping technology is just about ready, as the software giant has now opened orders of its development kit to developers or anyone rich enough to afford its lofty price tag of $4,200 (US$3,000) today.

“With HoloLens you can create and shape holograms with gestures, communicate with apps using your voice, and navigate with a glance. HoloLens understands your gestures, gaze, and voice, enabling you to interact in the most natural way possible. With spatial sound, HoloLens allows you to hear holograms from anywhere in the room, even if they are behind you,” wrote Microsoft’s Alex Kipman in the company’s official blog.

The HoloLens development kits will start shipment to the United States and Canada starting March 30, 2016, thus allowing people to design and develop games and apps for the software giant’s augmented-reality headset. The Redmond-based company has also announced the exact hardware specifications of the HoloLens, as well as the inclusions that come within the package.

Microsoft will throw in seven apps and games in the bundle on the HoloLens for its developers. Furthermore, the software giant hopes that the basic experiences its developers can get from its will encourage them to create and design their apps to demonstrate the capabilities of the augmented-reality headset. Developers who also purchase HoloLens will get immediate access to apps such as OneDrive, Maps, Remote Desktop, and Groove Music, among others.

The launch date of HoloLens will also coincide with Microsoft’s Build developer conference in San Francisco, California on March 30. Tickets for the event have already sold within a couple of seconds even though Microsoft isn’t giving away free hardware for this year.