Microsoft had promised that Windows 10 would be for every Windows smartphone, but it didn’t materialize. A couple of Windows phone users are angry as their phone didn’t get the OS update.

The latest OS from Microsoft, Windows 10 was launched on July 2015 and the company had provided a year time for every Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 device to update their devices to Windows 10. The company made a promise in 2014 that the Windows 10 update will be delivered to all windows smartphones after the launch of the OS. The same mistake was made earlier by Microsoft by not upgrading all the Windows phones to Windows 8 in 2012. Fans expected that the mistake will not be repeated in the future, reports Inquisitr.

However, the company did roll out Windows 10 to Lumia phones this week and declared that the smartphones that run Windows 8.1 Denim and have more than 1GB RAM will receive the upgrade.

The Verge published a list of phones that would not receive the Windows 10 update based on the official list. It includes Lumia 920, Lumia 1020, Lumia Icon, and Blu’s Win JR LTE. It appears that Microsoft has pacified people by saying that Lumia Icon may get an update sometime down the road. But it is less likely that  the updates will be distributed to these windows phones.

The new announcement had angered a number of people even though it affected a small chunk of windows phone user, who bought the recent Blu Win JR LTE. This device was launched last year and it was promoted that Blu Wind JR LTE would get the Windows 10 in the future, which has made people purchase the device. Now the company has failed to roll out an upgrade to the device.