Microsoft has identified Australia as one of its top markets for intelligent cloud computing services.  Seeing Australia’s strong uptake in the cloud, the company has sent its executive Julia White to Australia to promote its Azure cloud platform for the enterprise segment.

In cloud business, Amazon is Microsoft’s main rival in the local market. Julia White, who is heading Microsoft’s cloud platform, management, and security technologies, noted that Australia is a unique market in terms of its strong uptake of cloud and Aussies have been “very aggressive” customers in cloud adoption.

Toby Bowers, head of Microsoft Australia cloud and the business group said in the last six months, the company could triple the number of cloud architects and will be doubling the number in the next 6 months, reports The Australian.

In Australia, half of its enterprise customers are using Azure and 40 percent of its revenue from that service is drawn from small businesses and start-ups. Hailing the growth, White said the growth in MS Cloud business is a testimony of its security credentials.

“As people move to the cloud, security is absolutely top-of-mind,” White said. “We’ve very committed to making sure we have best-in-class security around our cloud technology,” she added.

White claimed that Microsoft has been spending $1billion a year on security technologies. To step up the cloud business, Microsoft had acquired Israel’s cloud security start-up Adallom for $320 million in 2015.

According to New York Times, Microsoft is at No. 2 position to Amazon in renting computing infrastructure to other companies in data centres, known by the name “Azure.”

“It remains clear we’re one of two leaders in this market,” Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s chief executive, said in investors call in late April. Analyst Brad Reback at Stifel Nicolaus noted that the company is performing well in that area.

The growth in intelligent cloud business including Azure was one of the brightest spots with Microsoft. Despite a year-on-year quarterly revenue decline, the intelligent cloud segment has been doing well. In the first quarter that ended in December 2015, Microsoft’s revenue from Azure service leapt 140 percent.

Meanwhile, Microsoft’s main competitor Amazon Web Services reported $2.5 billion revenue from its cloud sales in the December quarter.